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Instructor: Nubia Apple
Serving in Healthcare is my calling!
My first job, at the tender age of 13, was a medical receptionist at Friendly Urgent Care. Now, a wife and mother of 3, nuturing and caring for others makes up my DNA. With over 17 years in the medical setting, I teach others how to potentially save a life using the skills of BLS, even those with no previous medical background.
Classes are vocal and engaging. They are designed to give you a real time adrenaline rush. A real life panic will set in first, BUT THEN, the knowledge will kick into gear.
After completing this course, my hopes are, that you walk into the world confident in knowing you could make the difference in a family member, friend or even a strangers life!
CPR Adult/Child/Infant
Students will learn hands on CPR with real time feed-back manikins. Learn to recognize the signs of cardiac arrest, proper hand placement and specifics based on the victim to provide High Quailty CPR.
AED/Bag-Valve Mask
Students will learn the importance of early defibrillation and how to use an AED to place pads, analyze, and shock a victim.
Participants will learn the "E-C" technique to provide breaths with a bag valve, while also learning how to use, a pocket mask or their own breaths if a bag valve is not available during a rescue.
Heimlich Adult/Child/Infant
Students will learn how to dislodge a foreign object obstructing a victims airway.
Special circumstances are reviewed based on victim. Students also learn what steps to take if a choking victim becomes unresponsive. 
First Aid Medical Emergencies 
Students will learn to find the problem and provide basic first aid based on the assessment.
Skills checklist: Removal of gloves, the use of an Epi-Pen, bandaging wounds and recognizing emergencies!
Blended Courses 
Renewal of BLS certifications can be completed at your convenience. 
Complete the Heartcode BLS Course Online and complete a 30 min skills checkoff session. 

Learn/Renew the skills of basic life support

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